We’ll find your property and support future tenants

Putting down roots, starting a business, realizing ideas – nothing works without the right property. Because apartments, houses, land or commercial space are closely linked to the goals and dreams of our clients, we are selective when choosing. We want your property to suit you. Which is why we consider the local neighborhood very carefully.

Support in property purchasing

architecture-1836070_640What’s special about fine and mine is our seeking to fullfil your individual goals. As much as wishes differ from eachother, as much we want to acomplish them. What is ist we need to specifically pay attention to in your future flat, your house or your future parcel of land? In search of the perfect property you can rely on our experienced team. As an expert for individual real estate we recommend to attend a first consulting. Attending this important plans and goals can be analyized and recorded in advance. Our primary principle when purchasing real estate is: transparency. Talking about details beforehand, since we don’t want you to do a blind bargain.

What’s the real estate’s condition? What is the neighbourhood like? What are the geographical features? What do you expect on how to use the property? Do you want to take care of finding tenants or do you want this to be an issue we will take care of? Every information you can give us will lead you a step further in finding your ideal property.

Real estate is an ideal investment. When you own flats,  houses or land property, you are on the safe side. Especially as an pension plan owning real estate is a consistent subject, since they provide a steady income and tax benefits.

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